Guide for Japanese visitors

Japan and museum Texture share a special connection: flax! It all started when flax merchant Constant Huybrecht (1851-1922) travelled from Wevelgem to Japan to share his knowledge with local farmers. If you would like to know more about this adventure, we recommend the article 'Constant Huybrecht: flax craftsman in Japan' by professor W.F. Vande Walle (from: Japan & Belgium. An Itinerary of Mutual Inspiration'. Tielt. 2016). Also the many contributions by historian Philippe Haeyaert in the local history magazine Wibilinga are more than interesting. 

Even today flax binds us. The Japanese interest for flax from our region is still ongoing. Did you know there is a fashion shop 'Vlas Blomme' in Tokyo, runned by Mr. Ishi Satochi? The shop presents and creates stylish fashion from natural materials, using Kortrijk Linen's high-grade products to create its signature worn-in, relaxed clothing collection. Kortrijk Linen is produced by Vanneste Kortrijk.

We were above all more than pleased when Mr. Takehiro Daitoh, a true Texture Ambassador, took the initiative to make a Japanese visitorsguide. Japanese visitors can ask a copy at the entrance of the museum or you can download the museumguide right here below. All credits to Mr. Takehiro Daitoh (picture below). 

Download the Japanese visitors guide