Texture in one hour

The ambassadors are ready for you!

In Texture you can easily spend half a day if you really want to see, feel, hear and discover everything. Don't you have that much time? No problem! From July 2020, you and one of the ten ambassadors will discover in one hour the essence of the textile museum in Kortrijk. 

Fast, enthusiastic and exclusive

In addition to the time limitation, this museum tour offers another advantage: the small scale. The ambassador takes a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 people on tour, which gives the visitor a sense of exclusivity. All ambassadors are rightly proud of Kortrijk and one by one they are enthusiastic storytellers. Especially when it comes to flax and the flax industry.

PRACTICAL: How to book "one hour Texture"?

Reserve your ambassador at least two days in advance. This can be done by email to texture@kortrijk.be or by phone on 056 27 74 70. If you book "Texture in one hour", you enjoy the discount entrance fee museum € 6 + € 3 / pp for the ambassador.